Project Description

Project Brief

Arkansas Cannabis Industry Association (ACIA) enlisted Bud Agency to help relaunch its communication efforts with the industry. The e-newsletter “IN THE KNOW | ACIA Insider” is a bi-weekly breaking-news publication prompted by the Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration’s periodic release of medical marijuana sales data. Bud Agency helps the ACIA communicate sales data and provides a brief recap of local, national and other cannabis industry news. We also include a “Meet the Industry” feature to introduce key players and their accomplishments.



With a breath of fresh life, ACIA invigorated the industry and spurred along unseen levels of engagement. Email open rates soared to 53.6% (industry average is 20.95%). The true measure of success, new memberships to the ACIA increased, with almost full industry participation.

Email Open Rate 54%
Click-thru Rate 11%